The cast of “SNL” isn’t able to keep their heads together during the sketch in which Ego Nwodim tries to eat the steak she ate

Bowen Yang had to cover his face.
Pedro Pascal and Bowen Yang are unable to keep their heads straight as Ego Nwodim is trying to slice her steak.

The majority of seasons of ” Saturday Night Live” are planned so that the most fun parts are shown first. The more risky and bizarre sketches are added at the end of the show in the event that they need to be cut to make room for the time. However, in the episode of February 4, starring hosts Pedro Pascal (“The Mandalorian,” “The Last of Us”) the last sketch “Lisa of Temecula,” was most likely to be one of the most memorable sketches of the night.

This is a high-end rating as it was a great episode that included a hilarious “Last of Us” parody featuring the Super Mario Brothers and a sketch in which Pascal was portrayed as the role of a protectorate mother.

“Lisa from Temecula “Lisa in Temecula,” Paul, played by Pascal, invites a group of friends out for dinner. performed by Punkie Johnson and the newcomer Molly Kearney and breakout star Bowen Yang. The issue arises as Johnson’s younger sister Lisa who is performed by Ego Nwodim orders her steak “extra and well-done.”

The sketch plays on the idea that it’s wrong to order a steak that is well-cooked even in the expensive restaurant. But Lisa isn’t bothered and will not allow “one one speck or speck of rouge” in her steak.

The sketch is among the rare episodes of “SNL” that are so hilarious that the cast break their character. Pascal is having trouble delivering his lines, and Yang is forced to hide his face as the comedian can’t stop laughing. However, Nwodim just has one minor gap in the scene, and keeps it in place to form the comic center.

“Lisa From Temecula” received lots of public attention on social media. Nwodim afterwards thanked creators Alex English, Gary Richardson and Michael Che.

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