A mother with four children shares candid pictures of how her home appears to be in the aftermath of four straight days no cleaning

The users of TikTok were enraged by the revelations of Bri James shared the look of her home after just four days of taking care of it.
Image Source: themessymama4 / TikTok

In a TikTok footage, a mother with four children, Bri James, revealed the state of her home after only four days without cleaning herself up and following her kids. Naturally, her house appeared as a tornado had swept through it. The mother explained that the mess was the result of “two unmotivated adults” not taking care of themselves. In addition, the mother explained that the home was messy, but not filthy. This was certainly an important distinction to be made. The other TikTok users were a bit split in their doubts about what was the right method in which children should live. Bored Panda reports.

“Four days, you guys I haven’t even cleaned up or done dishes up for four days,” James said in her TikTok video. “It isn’t dirty, it’s just messy.” She also said that she would take the day to clean. The footage showed exactly what you’d expect from a family of six people that haven’t been cleaned in the span of one week. There were toys all over the place, as well as dishes, clothes, and more. In some areas of the film, you can see furniture pieces that had been flipped over that could be from children who were in the home.

Since its initial upload on the internet, the TikTok video has been watched at least 18 million times. It also was a hit with 1.2 million shares. In the comments, however, the users who are TikTok users appear to be split. On one hand, users have been extremely kind towards and welcoming of James. The majority of them, parents of multiple kids themselves noted that a messy house was given when you have the size of a family. “I have five children and my home will be this messy in less than an hour,” one user wrote. “No person should judge this.” However, there were very judgmental remarks as well.

One TikTok user wrote, “I have four kids. I was a full-time employee as a single mom. My home was never like this. This is absurd, there are no excuses.” Others also pointed out the ways that a messy house could influence children. “I lived in a place that was like this, and it impacted me in many ways that I don’t know to this day,” another individual stated. “Your children are dependent on you to make sure it’s clean.” James was one of the parents who noticed this and uploaded videos of cleaning up after she organized her home and cleared it of clutter. If you know the struggle of having to transform a messy home into a tidy one, these videos could be extremely pleasing to take in.

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