A man who is 100 years old sets an all-time record in the world after working for the same company for 84 years.

Walter Orthmann started working for an industry of textiles at the age of 14 in January 1938. He has been with the same company ever since.
Walter Orthmann take his record/Guinness World Records

The Brazilian man has set the world record for working for the same company for more than 84. Based on Guinness World Records, Walter Orthmann 100 was employed by the textile firm Industrias Renaux S.A for more than eight years. Orthmann began his work in the month of January 1938, at the age of 15 and his family struggled to get by. This was also the time in which the majority of kids were employed. “Back in the year 1938 children were expected to work in order to provide for their families,” said Orthmann. “As the youngest child at the age of 5, my mom helped me find an employment opportunity when I was 14.” He began his career as a shipping clerk before becoming a sales assistant. Soon after was his promotion to manager of the department. “Walter thinks that the most rewarding aspect of having a job is that it creates the sense of purpose, determination, and a routine,” Guinness World Records said of Orthmann. He’s currently an official Guinness World Records title holder for the longest tenure in the same organization.

In a period when businesses struggle to keep employees due to offering low salaries and creating a hostile workplace, the story of Orthmann stands out. The 100-year-old said that one of the major reasons for him to stay at the same job for the rest of his life was having the opportunity to travel and get to know new people, as reported by the publication PEOPLE. “Throughout the nearly 84 years at the same company and experience, he’s seen numerous changes in the business, across the country, and throughout all over the globe,” said a press release from Guinness. “As a result that he has come to realize that one of the essential aspects of a company is to remain up-to-date and be able to adapt to changing environments.”

On the 19th of April in 2022 Orthmann was celebrating his centennial birthday with family, close friends, and family members in the workplace. “When we do the things we love and enjoy, we never see the way that time passes,” said Orthmann. “I don’t plan much and don’t care about the next day. What I am concerned about is tomorrow being another day that I’ll get up, rise for exercise, then go to work. You have to focus on the present rather than the future or the past. The present is what is important. Let’s get back on with our work!” Orthmann says that his desire to learn new things led him to keep moving forward every day. For Orthmann it was never about the records. He was always satisfied and was in a work environment that kept him going. “Looking back and despite not having thought about breaking records I believe my greatest accomplishment was getting acknowledged as the title holder for the longest working career within this same firm.” Industrias Renaux S.A, where the company he works currently, is ReneauxView. He was from Brusque which is a tiny town located in Santa Catarina, Brazil, with a significant German population.

Guinness World Records

When he was a child the boy would walk around without shoes to school, and was a great student. However, when the family faced financial difficulties, he set out to seek the first position. He visited the weaving factory with his mom to seek an opportunity and, due to his ability in German and English, he was able to be selected. “I received the opportunity to be a salesperson. I traveled across Brazil to Sao Paulo and in less than a week, completed the order equivalent to three months ‘ working,” he recalled. As he progressed up the ladder, his responsibility increased. In the 1950s it was a constant trip and meeting new friends and clients. He was a fan of this lifestyle. He was always moving and developed a large client base which was later to become his best friend. One of his best traits was his ability to change and this was what helped him through his 84 years in the company. He’s always up-to-date on new procedures and practices, and he adapts according to the needs.

He may be 100 years old but he’s in excellent health, thanks to a regular routine of exercise and fitness every day. He drives to work and has outstanding mental focus and memory. When asked about any professional advice would he give to someone just beginning their career, he replied that it’s essential to join a firm that keeps you motivated. He leads a fairly unpretentious lifestyle and isn’t fond of thinking too far into the future. “I don’t plan much or care about the future. What I am concerned about is tomorrow being another day when I’ll wake up, go to bed to exercise, and head off to work. You have to be focused on the present rather than the future or the past. The present is what matters. Let’s get into work!” The man declared.

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