A couple awakes with a stranger’s dog cuddling up to them in their bed: ‘This isn’t our dog’

The couple own dogs but only when the sun rose it was then they realized that they were snoozing with another dog
Image source: Facebook/raftnjules

Have you ever awoken to find your pet snuggled on your bed? If you’re a lover of dogs this is undoubtedly a wonderful experience ever. One couple got an unexpected surprise when they realized that the puppy snuggled up in their bed not theirs! The Tennessee couple posted Facebook the funny story and claimed the puppy was at home and was snuggled in their bed not showing any signs of a desire to leave. Julie Johnson of Benton and her husband, Jimmy, were used to having their three dogs sleep in their bed, and didn’t even be aware of the fact that the unidentified dog moved in their bedroom and became cozy. Julie posted pictures of the dog lying on her bed and looking as if it was home, according to PEOPLE.

“It is perfectly normal to get up in our home and find one of OUR pets sleeping together with us” Julie wrote. Julie. “One tiny issue, this isn’t our dog and we don’t know how she entered our home.” Julie Johnson explained that she believed it was one of her dogs when it was able to jump into their bed at midnight. “At first we thought that it was our dog however they never lie on their pillows! In the pitch dark, I assumed that it was. We all do it, don’t we? As the sun began to creep through our curtains We realized that we were cuddling with a dog belonging to someone else,” she wrote before asking her followers and her acquaintances to help reunite the dog find its proper owner. “This is probably the most bizarre blog post I’ve ever had to write. Do you have a pet? Please tell us about it,” she concluded.

Cris Hawkins, as well as Felicia Johnson who resides in the Johnsons area, Reacted to the article and claimed to be the pet’s owner, known as Nala. The two joked about how the odd changes were not a surprise to Nala. “Our dog, who is incredibly friendly, Nala, has hit the record for most ignored personal space, and she has added one more trick on her list of Houdini tricks,” wrote Hawkins. “She lost her collar yesterday when she was being walked, and then ran across the street to a neighbor’s home and managed to sneak inside their home, and then got into their bed at the end in the evening.”

“The couple have three dogs of their own who all sleep together. The dogs did not react to an unintentional dog jumping into their bed while the husband and wife didn’t be aware that there wasn’t a dog sleeping in their bed until the sun began to rise,” added Hawkins. Julie called them and posted information on Facebook and Twitter. “Her Name is Nala and her mother is on her route to find her. Best of luck in to get her off of bed ma’am,”” she wrote.

Julie Johnson later posted that they are now close friends. “Nala as well as her mother aren’t unknown to our family! Yesterday’s puppy playdate was an absolute blast and the pups enjoyed the attention and frozen ice cream. Also, we had a lengthy conversation with all four of them on asking permission prior to letting the nights have fun! We all have space within our hearts to share light, love, and happiness. We’ve taken our dogs to the dogs!” Julie said. Julie laughed, “I don’t recommend waking up with someone new, however, in the event that you do I would like to know if it’s similar to Nala.”

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