A child stole the show at his mother’s wedding when he rushed across the aisle to embrace her

Kristie Mihelich will never forget her wedding day walk as her son, who is two, Pierson added some extra sweetness to the event.
Image Source: k2_0111 / Instagram

Every wedding is an unforgettable wedding. However, this bride will not forget her wedding day for a reason that was very special. Kristie Mihelich from Troy, Michigan, was walking towards her husband, Bobby Mihelich, when her son, age 2 absolutely was the star of the show. Pierson was so thrilled to see his mother that he let out a huge shout and then ran toward her. The moment was captured by best friend of Mihelich’s and her wedding photographer. The video was uploaded on the internet, where it swiftly became the most-viewed video. In an interview on Good Morning America, the bride spoke about what it was like for her.

“They both looked down at the aisle, and their jaws dropped. the man asked, “Huh What’s that?’ He was like, ‘Hi mom!’ and he shakes both of his hands with a vigorous shake then he sped off towards me.” Mihelich recalled during the interview. “It was the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen. I was hoping he’d just sit there and watch me, but instead, he was running for his mother.” The video was shared on Instagram and has been overwhelmed by all the positive comments and messages she’s received from random people.

Mihelich said, “The more it gets shared the happier I am because there is happiness at the moment.” She claimed she was unaware that her son, who she affectionately calls Piercy will react as he did. “We had always planned on having Pierson as our wedding ring bearer since he’s extremely outgoing, charming, and a natural entertainer. We believed that this would be a right for him to play the role,” the bride said. “The evening before, at our rehearsal meal, it wasn’t happening this way. He was just looking to have fun in the venue and just be a 2-year-old.”

But, on the day of the wedding, the baby definitely stepped up the charm. Mihelich said, “I was like, I’m sure it won’t occur, and that’s acceptable because he’s here. It’s going to happen naturally as it should. Thank goodness, he certainly, in his showmanship manner performed a fantastic job and amazed us all by expressing the most joyous response to me when he saw me dressed in a nice way.” The moment for her was far more memorable than she could have ever wanted. “It was like a fairy tale come real,” she said. “I think I could not create a better picture of a perfect day. In fact, it was like watching a movie. He was so excited that he could not contain himself. He rushed across the aisle to me, and I’d never had a sweeter experience in my entire life. I’ll never forget that sensation.”

In the end, Pierson was just as lively following the exchange of vows. Mihelich said, “After we had dinner, and as I said Pierson is like an entertainer. He had his meal and then went straight to the dancefloor and He didn’t quit the dance floor until after midnight.” But, he’s focused on getting three years old in the month of May 2022. “In 2019 the year he was born, he was born on Derby Day. This Saturday also happens to be Derby Day, so we’re going to be celebrating,” his mom said. “His birthday falls on a Thursday however we’ll be celebrating this Derby Day and getting dressed up. A lot of people will be coming. We’re planning to do the fascinators as well as the dresses, and (we’ll) be celebrating this birthday.”

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